Version 2.5.6

No need to use an SDK to develop an app! Just tap and print from FileMaker Go.

The only way to enable printing in an unusual size from FileMaker Go was to use an SDK to develop an app, which is provided by printer manufacturers.
Now, you can just launch “PrintAssist” on the script instead of developing a native application!
It's possible to print with AirPrint supported printers but also non-AirPrint printers! Particular printers, such as POS printers or Tepra printers, are also compatible.

PrintAssist Features

  • Print with AirPrint printers and non-AirPrint printers!
  • Print on any paper size without ruining the layout!
  • Objects (images, PDFs, or handwritten signatures) can be transferred!
  • Print QR codes or bar codes!
  • One tap and print!
  • No need to use an SDK to develop an app, which is provided by printer manufacturers!
  • Specify the number of copies!
  • Bluetooth printer support.
  • Text to Speech supports.

Print Various Contents

You can transfer data in FileMaker Go, such as photos, PDFs, and handwritten signatures to PrintAssist and print them directly.
FileMaker Go generates QR codes or bar codes and prints them directly. Otherwise, you can transfer the data to PrintAssist, and it generates the codes to print.
When you frequently print certain image data such as logos, you can store them on PrintAssist. Depending on the system contents, the app offers you flexible use.


  1. PrintAssist is required to write a script on an app such as FileMaker Go.You can download the specifications and sample from the following link.
  2. The compatible printers are the same as that of PrimePrintLite. Please make sure that you can print on PrimePrintLite before you purchase this app.

Support Printers

・AirPrint compatible printer ・PostScript compatible printer ・Canon Inkjet Printer ・Epson Inkjet Printer ・HP Inkjet Printer ・Canon Laser Printer ・Epson Page Printer ・HP Laser Printer ・OKI LED Printer ・Epson Dot Impact Printer ・OKI Dot Impact Printer ・ESC/POS Printer ・Brother Raster Printer

  • Bluetooth Printers
  • Epson ・TM-P80,TM-P20,TM-P60II,TM-m30,TM-m10,TM-T88V,TM-T70II,TM-T20II
  • Star ・SM-S210i,SM-T300i,SM-T400i,mPOP  
  • Brother ・TD-4550DNWB,QL-1115NWB,QL-820NWB,RJ-3150Ai,RJ-3050Ai,RJ-2150,RJ-2050,RJ-4030Ai,PF763MFi,MW-260MFi,MW-145MFi,MW-270,MW-170,PT-P910BT,RJ-3250WB,RJ-3230B,TD-2135NWBSA/NSA,RJ-4250WB,RJ-4230B
  • SII ・RP-E10 Series,RP-D10 Series,MP-B20,MP-B30,MP-A40






  • PrintAssist

    Print from FileMaker Go.

    Price $79.99

  • PrintAssist LITE

    Print from FileMaker Go.


    PrintAssist Lite contains all the features of the full version of PrintAssist, but printouts are watermarked.

Device: iOS 7.0 or later iPhone,iPad and iPod touch