Create digital signage with your iPhone and iPad

Create digital signage that is in motion yourself!
You can build your own digital signage content with your iPhone and iPad. No need to retain any professional and it's inexpensive.
Make businesses more profitable with digital advertisement (digital signage) or improve customer satisfaction by using it as an effective customer display!

Digital signage will help increase sales by leading customers to a shop or a certain sales floor and make the merchandise appealing.
It's easy and inexpensive to change information about the seasonal merchandise or events that enable you to make the merchandise appealing depending on the clientele.
The app supports images and a multi-language display, which helps foreign tourist arrivals.
Start your digital signage now!

You can make your own digital signage (dynamic signage) with your iPhone and iPad

  • Create digital signage by yourself with an iPhone or iPad
  • Display it to an external display both in the horizontal and vertical positions
  • Send it to an external display via an HDMI cable or AirPlay
  • Insert music
  • Support both image and video
  • Show webpage
  • 27 display templates
  • Added 10 fonts
  • Support vertical writing


Use as a customer display

Use an iPhone or iPad as a display…

  • Show a total amount for the transaction and change the amount for your customer
  • Use as a queue management system
  • Use as a kitchen display screen. As soon as orders are taken, it shows them to the kitchen screen and reads them aloud

Restrict access with http (Use “Insert from URL” with FileMaker)

  • text/image/rectangle/alert/text to speech (signage play and stop)/animation (flashing/moving/size/color, etc.)


Complete your business with FileMaker!

Our printer app PrintAssist is integrated to FileMaker, and it prints receipts, opens the cash drawer, provides for age verification or displays the total price. It acts as a full cash register.

Send it to an external display via an HDMI cable or AirPlay

Send it to an external display via an HDMI cable or AirPlay.

Display can be rotated (0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees), so it is possible to display in conjunction with the display placement.



  • ActiveSignage


    Free (In-App Purchases)

    Free version can save only 1 entries. If you want to save more, please purchase to unlock the entry limit.

Device: iOS 9.1 or later.